China 2006 - Shanghai Sept. Interesting II

Rocking heavy metal band on Nanjing Xi Lu - real metal (sculptures)

It was a lovely sunny day at XinTianDi, and this water fountain was sparkling in the sun

More bright sun on the buildings

Giant pink peanut floating in a mall !

New South Shanghai Station - a huge UFO-like circular structure - very nice

Always amusing English signs

Pretty new building next to old Soccer stadium, near Fudan University.
Building on left is home of eBaoTech (and one of the few Coffee Beans in Shanghai)

Jewelry seller on an pedestrian overpass - big spreads of goodies

Public safety is not always a priority - open sidewalks in the evening to trip over

Hanging out on the sidewalk

Train moving fast in the subway

Interesting teahouse in Pudong - faux traditional

Spread of peanuts

Interesting image of police in a very busy intersection with vehicles swirling around - impressive

On the train from Suzhou

New wine store in XinTianDi

XinTianDi people moving fast

Making doors on the sidewalk at night

Combating air pollution by growing plants along all the highways

Sidewalk air pumping station