China 2006 - Shanghai Sept. Interesting

Steve in the hills


Pretty building on the Bund - some big party going on

Lots of construction - note sign in English; also building under construction to left was abandoned for years,
but finally got financing to be finished

Another nearby building - tall and slim 

And with all that construction comes old buildings that need to be torn down

Subway station at 6:30am - empty !

Nice street in French Concession - tree-lined streets

Fresh fruit on the corners

Of course, you can get really fresh fish in the restaurants !

Fudan University classroom building

Fudan University Entrepreneurial class I lectured to (not, that's not me in front!) about Silicon Valley

And a technology investment conference I attended in Suzhou

You wouldn't think you'd need a hard-hat to take pictures !
Actually, he works at a construction site across the street and was taking pictures of the building.

Keeping up on the news, street-side

Pretty bottles in a bar

Coat cover - if you put your coat on your chair, most places will place a cover over them,
apparently to prevent theft of valuables from pockets (or stealing the coat itself)