China 2006 - Shanghai Oct. Interesting II

Famous Yu Yuan Gardens in the sunshine - very Chinese-looking, but very touristy

View down the main street - a temple or garden has been on this site since 1559

Main Pavilion

Gold good-luck tree in the gardens

And of course a new Dairy Queen (the Starbucks is to the right, out of the picture).
Dairy Queen is my favorite ice cream place in the world (and in my hometown).

Super-sized American tourists, in front of Dairy Queen

Old Chinese man as a tourist

Men moving wire, heavy wire, down the stairs - they were working hard and struggling all the way

Wire shops, where you can buy anything electrical; in very tight quarters

Pipe shop - all pipe, all the time !

And the Hangpu River is now complete with a new river advertising ship !

Not all is booming in Shanghai - this is an abandoned old theater near the Suzhou creek

Men playing Chinese Chess

Family sitting outside mostly torn-down buildings near the hotel - child was very colorful, even from afar