China 2006 - Shanghai Oct. Interesting I

There are many interesting sights around Shanghai these days, some I've shown before, 
but this particular fall day had spectacular weather - true blue skies, as you can see in this photo of Pudong.

The Jin Mao building in sparkling sunshine - you don't see this every day (or even every month)

Up close and personal - 88 stories up to the sky

Pudong at night - all these go off around 10pm to save electricity

Other Pudong buildings just hanging out - the left two are featured in the movie Mission Impossible 3, 
when Tom Cruise jumps from the leftmost building to the second one and almost slides off the sloped roof.

Folks hanging out on the river on a nice day, enjoying the fall weather

And a huge satellite ship passed by; no idea what this is or why it's in the small Hangpu River;
by far the largest ship I've ever seen in the river; in this case going down river to the Yangtze

Something you never see - a police officer giving a ticket !
We could use more of that in Shanghai.

Yinan in the blue room, inside the UFO at the top of the Ramada hotel on People's Square - nice space