China 2006 - Shanghai Century Park

Century Park is a nice big park in Pudong, with a nice lake and views, plus lots of interesting things to see.  
Here is a Google image of the area 

Entrance Clock

Main park green

The big lake and new (expensive) apartments with a view - you can rent little paddle boats around the lake

Zoomed-in view of the backside of Jin Mao and Pearl Tower, about 3 miles away

Parents & Kids out for fun on a nice day - I thought this kid was particularly colorful

And another riding around the water area - the disks behind him squirt water in synchronization

Both roller-blading

Family out for an afternoon of touring around the park

Wedding party - Western weddings are all the rage in China now

Another view of buildings across the pond



Worker man - standard Chinese squatting stance

Workmen/women planting grass