China 2006 - Beijing Summer Palace II

Gateway to the lake

Another pretty bridge, dwarfing a little canoe

Another view of the long 17 arch bridge

Boats lined up for rent - they look lonely

You can walk all around the lake, which is a 2-5 mile hike, with very pretty views along the way - this is on the causeway path that cuts through the middle of the lake - this gate sits atop an arch that boats can use to pass between the two parts of the lake.  Each gate is different, with names from famous poems or places.

Another gate building

Elaborate paintings inside the gate buildings


Family in a rented power boat

Posing for the camera

Another pretty bridge

Old steamer, a gift from the Japanese for pulling the Empress' barge around the lake

Famous stone boat built by the Empress - It does not float, but is for entertainment

Pretty older woman posing for a shot

It was a pretty good weather day in Beijing, meaning you can almost see two miles across the lake, but barely see the mountains in the distance. 
The camera is very sensitive to haze that you often can't see with the naked eye.

Speaking of cameras, here's a woman taking a picture

No swimming is allowed, but that does not stop this group of somewhat older folks

Man in water looking for something - a bit odd