China 2006 - Beijing Tiantan Temple

Tiantan is the Temple of Heaven in Bejing and lovely place to visit on a nice fall day.  
Construction was started in 1420 !

The standard Tiantan image of the main temple

Main gate

Intermediate gate, with temples beyond

More gates, which are set in stages as you continue into the center of the temple park 

Temple interiors

Nice-looking side buildings

Final and nicest gate

Main & most famous temple - the Hall of Prayer for Good Harvests

Ceiling detail

Wall detail - very lovely (renovated in Spring 2006)

More detail

Exterior detail - very nicely done, with people for scale

Very large courtyards around the temple, providing room for the half-mile long horse & chariot entourages

Interior of the Hall of Annual Prayer (sorry for the light, as it was very dark inside and the camera was set for long exposure)

Twin roof pavilion, built by the emperor for his mother - I walked a half-mile out here to get this picture for my mother!

Ceiling detail

Curved pavilion on rock pile

Pretty flower display of the 5 characters representing the Beijing Olympics in 2008

Old cypress trees in the park

Pretty flowers in gardens

Lovers looking out over nice lawns

A lone man performing Tai-Qi in the open courtyard

Chinese tour group - kept together by their yellow hats