China 2006 - Beijing Happy Valley I

In Oct, I went with my friend Steve Hubbard and his friends ZhongYi & SoJing to visit Beijing's new amusement park, Happy Valley.

Here is Steve, ZhongYi, and SoJing
ZhongYi is a Chinese heart surgeon and SoJing a Korean student

Here with me, as the tall one !

Well, not so tall, as the above photo was a bit staged, as is this one

ZhongYi was the party girl, here dancing with Steve and an American band

Posing with the band (well, in front of the band)

One of the more interesting rides was the water boat - where you really, really get wet !

So wet that they give you full body rain ponchos, which you really need !

Waiting in line to get on board

And the big splash - here is a VIDEO from the boat

Another fun ride - the seats that zoom up in the air - Steve riding

A slightly slower version for young children, where you pull yourself up and down - a girl and her dad out for the day

ZhongYi with sexy Indian man

And the three with funky hair