China 2006 - Beijing Interesting

Lovely shot of a man and woman (mother and son?) in the Forbidden City - so much character !

Beijing 2008 Olympics Mascots - Bei-Bei, Jing-Jing, Huan-Huan, Ying-Ying, Ni-Ni
If you take out the duplicates, you get Beijing Huanying Ni or Beijing Welcomes You

Beijing is in the midst of a building boom, but like Shanghai the government is trying to put the brakes on, often by cutting off financing, leaving these half-built structures as bleak tombstones.

I found the buildings very interesting in a visual sense - very raw, with seemingly unending patters

A globe in the lobby of a building - that's Microsoft's China headquarters across the street

A cadre of young ladies in front of their store during training

The hospital I visited when I got food poisoning

Not very busy - I was the only patient in the foreigner area of the best hospital in Beijing.
The doctor, nurse, lab tech, pharmacist, and receptionist were all watching TV

Man wrapping his feet in plastic on a construction site - no idea why, but thought this was interesting when I shot it through a crack in the fence

A bus with flat tire - the bus looked sad :(